Life Update


* Well, you already know John and I aren’t going to wait to start TTC like I mentioned HERE.  We’ll go as planned, and my beloved ticker can stay as it is.

* I’m still devouring baby books and pregnancy books like there’s no tomorrow.  My faves so far: Your pregnancy week by week and Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven  (reviews to come….promise.)


* Finishing my NYU Certification in Personal Coaching officially on August 7th! Yay!

* Starting grad school on June 27th! Yay again!  The masters counseling program leads directly into their PhD program. GULP…lots of school….but….something to consider. I’m kinda nervous about taking classes again.


* Coaching is continuing to do well, I have my client list growing steadily and I cannot wait to be at “full practice.”

*Not writing much at all anymore. (and i don’t care)

* I now have a mentor coach as well.  He’s a great guy who taught my small business class at nyu.  He’s going to help me with business building and getting the business to thrive even more.

Day Job

* It’s going well so far.  There is something small inside me that resents having to wake up, get out of my warm bed and go to work for someone else’s dream.  It will never go away until I’m only working for myself.  At the same time, I am supremely grateful for this gig and still cannot wait until I don’t need it.


* Lower carb is the way for me.  I’m not atkinsing, I’m not south beaching….I”m just…Danielleing and it feels so good.  It’s not exactly “clean” eating, because butter and oil will always be my besties, but I chopped out sugar, whites (my appetite is racist hehe), and junk foods while slowly phasing out meat. and best part. I DONT MISS IT. —Winning.  Duh.

* I totally believe that one day I will be vegan.  I never thought I could give up my precious cheese and cereal w/ milk, but it’s not as hard as I thought.  ::shrug::  :: runs off to google vegan pregancy::

What’s going on in your world ladies?  
Any vegans out there? What are some meat/cheese substitutes you use that don’t taste like shit?   
Have you ever gone back to school after a long break?  
How’d you handle it?