My Love Story

 ….or a Giovanni product review….. 🙂


Oh to the em gee girls….I am in love.  Let me tell you the story:

It all began in TJ Maxx (swoon) I was walking up and down the beauty products aisle and it caught my eye.  Giovanni 50:50 Balancing Conditioner.  I swear it winked at me.  I blushed and walked over to pick it up and say hello.

Immediately I was struck by the sticker price.  So cheap? For so much?!  It smiled at me and signaled for a friend. Suddenly Giovanni 50:50 Clarifying shampoo was in my other hand.  How’d that get there?!  I turn them over and see an ingredient list any naturalist would love.  Into my cart they went.  Little did I know that my heart would be next.

I decided to wash my hair with it after wearing it in a messy bun (AKA tangled hot mess) for about 4 days straight. I poured the shampoo into my hand and applied to my hair and scalp and scrubbed vigorously yet gently.  Where’s the foam? Where’s the suds? I wondered.  I added a bit more, thinking my hair was just that greasy.  Still no suds.

Betraying me already!?  I glared at the bottle, I cut my eyes at it.  But it stood there proudly.  Not phased by my annoyance with it.  I rinsed out…and…dare I say it…my hair felt…softer?…less tangled?

No.  It couldn’t be, I thought.  It’s shampoo for chrissakes.  It must be my imagination.  I put those thoughts aside and rinsed the rest of the shampoo out.  Squeezing my hair to get the water out before conditioning, I got that strange feeling again…is my hair softer…? From shampoo?!  I swallowed hard.  My heart….it fluttered slightly.

Hair thoroughly squeezed out, I took a palmful of conditioner and applied it to the ends. BAM! Immediate softness/smoothness/silkiness.  I took another few palmfuls and worked it through the length of my hair.  By this time my heart was pounding out of my chest.  I couldn’t believe the slip this conditioner was giving me!  But, I’ve been burned before. (Paul Mitchell) I decided to test my new find.

I whipped out my wide tooth comb to do some detangling.  Here comes the struggle, I thought.  I took a section and went to work. GASP!!  I had to hold on to the shower wall and compose myself. Swallowing hard, I easily slipped my comb through and untangled each section of hair.  My strands felt smooth, soft, slippy and uniform.

Still, I’ve had my heart broken before. (John Frieda) So I don’t give my heart that easy.  I’ll rinse it all out and see what it’s like when towel dried.  Stepping out of the shower, I was nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect of this new encounter.

I turbaned my head and when I unraveled……I touched my hair…..bit my lip….tears stung my eyes…..Angels sang.  It was…. Soft. Felt moisturized and didn’t look fuzzy despite having no product in it yet.  I turned to my new loves and blew them a kiss as I went off to style my hair.

So there you have it.  I’m in love with Giovanni. (Don’t worry, John knows, he’s totally cool with it.)