Better World Books

OMG yall…. I just binged again.  A couple weeks ago it was clothes…gulp…last week it was books.

At the end of my binge I had 28 books in my cart. but I pared it down to a reasonable….. 13 lol.

OK.  I gotta testify.

If you’re not a new book snob like I used to be (tho they do have new books there) and are OK with used….you will want to shop here.

Oh where do I begin?

Picture it.  Sicily. 2011.*  It was 9:30pm on a rainy Sunday.
I’m online shopping and loaded up my cart with my final 13 books.
1:30 pm on Monday I get a message that my books have shipped!
Thursday afternoon they’re all delivered!

Best part of it?  The total for my 13 books was $45.00.

Yes!!! $45 for 13 effin books!!

(I got 2 business books, 3 finance/investing books, 4 pers/dev/spirituality books, and 4 pregnancy books….reviews coming soon)

I also found a coupon code at…..  It was expired….but I still tried it….(ever the optimist)

And it worked!!

(couponwinner535 is the code by the way …and you’re welcome)  It takes $5 off an order of 35 bucks or more.

Oh and PS.  I went through Mr. Rebates so I got 3% back on my order (granted it was only like a dollar and change….but still it adds up!)

Great part of is the proceeds of your sale go toward different literacy charities!! When you click on the book you can see to which charity your money will go.  A feel-good shopping experience if I do say so myself 🙂

I took a bunch of items out of my cart and saved it to my wish list for two months from now when I inevitably decide to book binge again.

Oh, and PS2:   I am in no way affiliated with  – I just happen to think they’re awesome and worth sharing with you.  

Do you shop at BetterWorldBooks? Read any good books lately?  Discovered any great new stores lately?
*no I didn’t go to Sicily, that was an homage to my boo Estelle Getty AKA Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls (a show i could watch all day long if you’d let me).  She’d always start her stories like that.  “Picture it…Sicily…1942….”

she got that book from i’m sure!