Baby Name Chat and Decision

Oh girls….I did it!!  Remember I told you how I was obsessed with all these baby names and John hated my #1 pick for a girl: Cassidy?  Well if you don’t remember go HERE and read that post then come back.

You back?


So…. Saturday night we’re talking about how a lotta popular Jamaican names stem from Irish Names (I didn’t want to believe it till I saw it for myself) and naturally, because I am a baby obsessed madwoman, I segued the conversation (quite smoothly I might add) to baby name talk….with “Cassidy is an Irish name you know….”  

LOL…..OK so it wasn’t smooth…but it did get us talking about baby names and Cassidy in particular.

PS: Cassidy means clever and curly haired…..our kids will likely be both.  C’mon. It just fits!!

I started saying her full name Cassidy Ann H over and over in different voices.  Then I started using her name in sentences like:
“Cassidy, come down for breakfast honey.”
“Cassidy, do you want to wear the blue dress or the yellow dress.”

John chimed by shouting:

Then he looked at me and said:

….wait for it…..

“What? She had a chainsaw in her hands and was about to fire it up!”

I died.

But was happy he was playing along.

So I took that opportunity to pounce and say how Cassidy just fits, and Ann (a popular name in his family) gives the history connection….and….SOLD!!!!

He agreed he liked Cassidy Ann and “doesn’t think it’s stupid anymore.” (great, thanks for that)

Cassidy for the win!!!

Another gem from that conversation: 

Me: “What do you think of the name Alexandria?”
Him: “No way, sounds too ghetto.”
Me: “That was gramma’s grandma’s name.
Him: :: pretended to be reading something enthralling to avoid having to say anything::

(sidebar: how the hell is Alexandria ghetto? It’s not like I suggested Alexandriaquelishiandrettayonce!!)

We moved on to boys names and he’s finally realized that no son of mine will have the first name Thomas.
Since we agree on Liam and Jack we’ll just have to fight it out for Thomas or Donald as the middle name.

  • Liam Thomas
  • Liam Donald
  • Jack Thomas
  • Jack Donald

I figure if we go with Jack (his dad’s name) then we’ll do Donald (my dad’s name) and if we do Liam (nobody’s dad’s name) we’ll go with Thomas (since John’s got such a hard on for it).

Which combo do you like?

Now the big question is….will he change his mind on these names before next year when little Cassidy or Liam or Jack pops out??

How many times did you change names before you decided on the one that stuck for your little ones? What are your favorite names right now?