A New Chapter – Life coach certification

I’m really excited and feel like I’m starting a new chapter in my life.

I know it’s weird to say this but I’m really grateful for BabyH for really being my catalyst.  I wouldn’t have been as determined to move forward and create a position where I’d be able to work at home/independently if I had no BabyH on the horizon.

Saturday began my training to become a certified Coach.  At the end of it I’ll have a certificate from NYU and an ACC level standing with ICF (the closest thing that the coaching industry has to a governing body) along with the education/tools to begin a kickass practice!

I feel like what I have done up until now has prepared me for what I was really put here to do (besides mommyhood) which is help, inspire and motivate people be their best selves.  It’s incredible.

Had I not acted, I wouldn’t have developed the skills to just go up and talk in front of a group of howevermany people without shaking.  (well, maybe, I’ve kinda always been a ham…but still).

Had I not done photography I would not have learned to see beauty in new ways, to put complete strangers at ease, and direct different people in ways that work best for their brains.

And most importantly, had I not been an assistant I would not know how to put up with people’s bullshit with a smile 🙂

I’m really grateful for what I’ve done and excited to take this big step into what feels so natural for me.  I won’t even neggie myself and say “damn Dan, why didn’t you do this sooner?!” because I realize I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing at exactly the right time.


Oh yeah, Happy V-day!!