Well, my Christmas gift to myself (aside from all those shoes from shoe woo) was a trip to the theater.  

For a New Yorker who loves acting/music, I really don’t get to the theater enough.  I can never rally anyone to go with me.  

I’ve decided to take myself to a show each month.  Solo if I have to.

I saw Fela the other night.  And let me tell you, it was fabulous (and not so fabulous).

Fela was a Nigerian musician who traveled the world building a style of music he called AfroBeat.  He was deep into Nigerian politics and had an incredible political impact during the 60s 70s there too.  His mom was a gangsta ass feminist and political activist so really he had no choice but to follow suit.


The musical part of the show was AMAZING!!!  My dad introduced me to Fela’s music a while back and I’ve dug it ever since, but was never a diehard Fela fan.   Now that I saw the show I want to own his music.

The music had you dancing in your seat, and standing up to dance (at the actor playing Fela’s request) at some points.  The crowd interaction was just enough to be fun and not annoying. 

The dancers were Fabulous too.  

I got tired just watching those lil energizer bunnies!  They were super talented and seemingly tireless.

The only thing that disappointed me about the show, was Patti.

First off, Patti Labelle is my girl, and I love her.  And her cookbooks.

However….she was not live on broadway.


I was so upset.
How you gunna lipsynch on broadway Patti?!


Now, if the Lipsynching wasn’t enough to upset you.

Perhaps the fact that she sang as if she was in North Carolina instead of Nigeria will get your goat.

I busted out laughing (at a very inappropriate time) at this.

Fela is begging his mom for an answer in his Nigerian accent and somehow his Southern Belle mama responds to him.

I was too through.

If it wasn’t for the incredible music and dancers, I think I may have asked for my money back.

Complaining aside…it’s a great show!! hahaha

Have you seen Fela?  What did you think of it?  Did you pre or post Patti?