Happy Monday!!

I must subconsciously be “on” something because this is yet another Monday where I’m up early and not in the mood to murder anyone!

How was your holiday weekend?  I hope you had great fun, food, time with family and friends.  I hope you survived (or even relished in) your food comas.  Do you get food comas? AKA the “-itis”?  AKA sleeepy as hell after a big meal?

My holiday was great.  Went to John’s family for Thanksgiving, and my family for the weekend.  Gained about 74.9 pounds in the past 4 days I’m sure.

Oh, before I forget, you’ve gotta come by tomorrow and enter the giveaway.  It’s an AWESOME one!! I wish I could enter!

Anyway, on to the official Mind Right Monday

My goals for the week:

  • run my errands that I’ve been putting off
  • go through my clothes
  • finish Xmas shopping
  • hunt for new furniture
  • go to gym at least 3 times (but aiming for 5)
  • make video posts 🙂

I am grateful for: 

  • Family & Friends
  • The Holiday Season
  • Florida Soon
  • The Library
  • Bob’s Furniture Store 🙂
  • Cyber Monday “deals”
  • Being 1 day closer to hearing back from school
  • Health & Well-being
  • Options
  • The Internet
  • The Stock Market
  • Life
  • Water
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • Leather Riding Boots 🙂

What are you grateful for?  How was your holiday weekend and what are your goals for the week?  Have a fantabulous day!!