Dear Disney,
Ya did good.

Seriously, even though I was the only “grown up” in the theater that didn’t have children with her, I totally enjoyed Tangled!

I was invited by Dr. Yakini of the Prissy Mommy Chronicles, to join her and some other bloggers (including the sweet n funny Gay NYC Dad) for the pre-screening of Tangled this past weekend. 

The movie was adorable! Great songs! Super cute, with a few laughs for those over the age of 12 as well.  I was really into it.  I hated that evil mom!! And I was cheering on the hero (in my head of course)

It ended too soon in my opinion! 

PS – it was the first 3D movie I had seen since…oh I dunno….1988.  I really liked it!  I had to remind myself not to reach out and touch the things floating at me. Hehe.


Pantene was handing out goodies at the screening. (I got me a few! wahoo)

Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths charity urges long haired folks to donate their lengths to have human hair wigs made for those who’ve lost their hair due to undergoing cancer treatment.

My dearest Aunt Shirley lost her battle with cancer several years ago, and one thing I remember about my sleepovers at her house, was her bajillions of wigs in all different styles all over her bedroom.  (ok, honestytime, sometimes at night the heads were scary).  She always had a new sassy look whenever she stepped out tho.

I think subconsciously she was part of the reason I decided to donate my hair back in 2005. I sent it to wigs for kids.

 9/14/05 – i chopped it off in the bathroom, my dad was mad but then he got the back for me

When my hair reaches my butt I’m chopping it and donating again.  I think I may just grow and giveaway, grow and giveaway, for the rest of my life.
If you’re interested in donating your hair check out:

Have you seen or will you see Tangled?
Have you ever donated your hair? Would you consider it?  Do you have other causes you donate or give your time to?