Bantu Knot Out

This bantu knot out was done on hair that was flatironed about 2 days ago.
I did 4 knots.  (forgot to take pics of it – but it was one knot on top, one knot on each side and one in the back on bottom.)

Left them overnight, and in the morning when I loosened them this was the result:

Loved it and DH even commened on it (that’s a BIG deal).
I’m going to try again tonight with 8 knots instead of 4.

My Husband the Ninja

Have you always wanted to be a ninja?  Don’t worry, John will teach you how!

Lesson one:

Happy Halloween!


Hope you get lots of treats and not many tricks!

And if you don’t want your pink starbursts or reeses pb cups send em my way!

Husband & Wife Day

Facebook friends, you’ve already seen these –


I realize I was either crying or laughing  (or a mixture of the two) for the entire ceremony.

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