30 Days of Truth: Day 6

Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.


Reading the day 6 prompt made me immediately think of two things:

1. outliving my children
2. having to get me and my family out of a burning building (i’m kinda scared of fire)

I don’t want to expand on that…and honestly, I mean…do I even need to?  ::shudder::

Hopefully the day 7 prompt is something nice and fuzzy rainbow sunshine cuz I don’t like the dark ones.

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

We’ve got a winner for the CrazyDogTShirts Giveaway!!

The lucky winner is…….drumroll please……

Congrats to ♥D’LiSh♥

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I hope to have another sponsored giveaway for you fabulous readers very soon!!

D’Lish – shoot me an email to collect your winnings!!

Do Ya Like My New Outfit??

My new blog outfit I mean.

I love it. 

It really “fits” well dontchathink?!

Thanks Krizzy Designs!

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