It is the big 29 for me

I thought I’d feel blah today.

I thought I’d feel old and raggedy.

I thought I’d want to hide under the covers and only come out for coffee and these soft baked chocolate chip cookies I’ve been binging on all week. 

But alas, no. 

I’m (surprisingly) feeling wonderful!

I’m another year older….



Thanks for reading!!

Love ya,

Dan the Birthday Girl :)
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  1. Ms. Emily Ann says

    Happy Birthday girl! You deserve to feel fantastic, you look gorgeous and have great things going on in your life!! Enjoy every minute of this special day all about you!!

  2. Dani @ OK, Dan says

    Thank you ladies!!! In my head 29 was a big deal and a reminder that 30 is around the corner and I hadn't yet done a lot of what I wanted to do…but I've changed my perspective! :)
    Thanks for tha bday love! :)

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