It is the big 29 for me

I thought I’d feel blah today.

I thought I’d feel old and raggedy.

I thought I’d want to hide under the covers and only come out for coffee and these soft baked chocolate chip cookies I’ve been binging on all week. 

But alas, no. 

I’m (surprisingly) feeling wonderful!

I’m another year older….



Thanks for reading!!

Love ya,

Dan the Birthday Girl 🙂

Goodbye Dry Braidout

Okay, it’s day 3 of this braidout, and it’s all over.  Too raggedy for me to wear outside.
(I don’t rebraid each night, I just pop on a scarf and go to bed)


Well, it had a nice 2 day run at least!  RIP Dry Braidout 🙁

My “wet” set braidouts last a few days longer.

How long do your braidouts last?

PS: I turn 29 today!!