Natural Profile: Ayana

I just had to share some photos with you of my friend Ayana.  We both decided to ditch the perms in August of 2007 and we transitioned together.  We’ve got a hair bond goin on.

Yesterday I sent her this video: 

Which I found on this awesome site: 

And today she sends me these pics: 

How awesome does that look!? She did a great job.
FYI her hair is APL, healthy, 4a/b and she did this style on washed, moisturized and slightly stretched hair.

So since I decided to put her  business out on the street (AKA this blog) I figured I’d show you some other pics of her beautiful natural hair.

Here’s what seems to be either a straw set or a tiny roller set: 

And here is her hair partially blown out after a wash and deep condition: 

Pretty Right!!??

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Happily married mom of two.

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Happily married mom of two.

  • santanamaria

    her hair is super gorgeoussss!

  • Jc

    isn't it santana maria!

    Her hair looks alot like mine except in the blow out picture (I don't know what my hair looks like blown out).

    She did the updo really well!I need to go find a hair accessory and do this updo myself.

  • Dani @ OK, Dani

    Santana you're so right! And it's super soft too. It always looks so touchable!

    JC when you try this style please post pics!! :)

  • KAR683

    I love this style on her!

  • torrent downloaad

    Her hair was lovely. Nice updo!