Vacation Hair

Well, back from vacay and looks like my hair did OK.  I’m going to deep condition today and put it in some fat twists probably.

Here are some of the styles from the trip:

This is how I usually wore my hair, a high bun (usually higher than this) washed, conditioned with some condish left in, moisturized coconut oiled and then pulled up into the bun.

This is is a braidout, i took the braids out when my hair was still very slightly damp.  It dried into frizz, I tried to show you in the back view. (i still liked it)

This is the next day pony resulting from that braidout, at night I moisturized and put my hair in 2 braids, then in the morning unbraided and pulled back into the pony.

This is an updo I did quickly, it was 3 braids, one on top and 2 in the back, and I just rolled them into a side bun. I’d never done this before but I kinda dig it and may start playing with things like this.

This is the next day, same 3 braids I just put the bun in the middle this time.

When my hair wasn’t bunned I usually wore it like this:

or like this:

But, like I told you, buns are my hair’s BFF

That’s all for this vacay.  Hope you dig the styles.
Next trip is in October, but to a super dry climate so that will be when I next straighten. *gulp*