Decluttering and Book Challenge

Well, I told you about my challenge/goal to throw away 50 things.  And I’ve been making an effort, honest.  I’m up to nine now!


And I scoured my house for all books I could toss and found…..a whopping…ZERO.  I guess I’m good at giving away books once I read them.  I only keep the non-fiction ones that I’ll read over and over.  I did however find these unread novels hidden away in my credenza:

My new challenge is to actually READ these books before years end.  I go through reading phases, but this challenge will force me to stay consistent.  Plus I find the more I read the more I write so it’ll help me in my millions of unfinished writing projects too!

I’m sad though that there are 35 books and when I finally toss them, it’ll only equate to ONE item on my 50 item challenge.  Grrrr damn rules.

Sidebar, the bookstack comes almost up to my hip.  Not cool.

Is it even possible for a lazy, tv addicted girl to read 35 books in just 6 months??