You Ask and I Will Answer

I recently made a page (cuz i’m a total copycat) and figured I’d post my answers to the questions I receive here as well.

From Dutch84: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ooooh!! I love questions like these that let me daydream and imagine a perfect future! I see myself married to John, holding a masters degree, debating a phd and working for myself as a psychotherapist and writer who acts and does photography on the side (ok it’s a lot but shush it’s my dream!), living in NYC, Florida or Southern California in a home we own with a beautiful backyard, raising 2 birth children, in the process of adopting our 3rd, happily living my life as a mom and wife. Perfect!

From Anonymous: Where did you go to college? Are you in a sorority?
I started my college career at University of Delaware and after a year there I took off for a few years to be a crazy party girl (eyeroll), and then finished up at York College in NY where I went to school at night and worked during the day in order to pay for it.  I was never in a sorority.  They never appealed to me, I guess I never really “got” sororities.

From Anonymous: Are you an AKA?
OK so here’s why I’m stupid.  I was reading AKA like Also Known As…as in an alias. So I was wondering how on earth someone could think I was using a different name or something with a blog like this lol.  If I were using an alias I’d pick something sexy like Scarlett Belafonte (do not ask where that came from)…not Dan.

Then I realized it could be AKA the sorority…so I wonder if this is posted by the same person who posted the sorority question above.

Either way, the answer is no.  (anti-climactic, I know, sorry.)

From Anonymous: Is that your real hair?
Yay I love hair talk!!! Yes it is my hair. 100% grown in, not sewn in.  I’m a hair addict.  And more specifically, as it relates to my African American community, I’m a natural hair addict {for my dear non-chocolate girls, I’m talkin’ natural versus relaxed (chemically altered curl pattern to loosen or straighten) hair} and love everything about maintaining healthy, long, and natural hair. Shameless narcissistic blog plug: Natural Coils & Kinks – chiggedy check it out. :)

look closely, it’s a working helicopter lol

That was fun. I love answering and asking questions.  If you have any ask away! Either here or on formspring, I don’t care.  
Do you have Formspring? Let me know so I can throw some questions at ya!

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