Enjoy The View

Happy Hump Day!!

The Ex-Con Edition

Scofield and Burrows from Prison Break  (yum yum)
(Wentworth Miller and Dominick Purcell)


So, who’s your favorite ex-con of the two?
I know most girls are ga ga for Mr. Miller, but I prefer Dominick Purcell.  I love a big meaty beefy dude.

Hope you enjoyed the view!! (I did.)

PrisonBreak Sidebar: I never watched this show while it was on the air, I found it on netflix in May and no lie, I binged, hard.  I finished all episodes of all 4 seasons in a week.  Unhealthy, I know.  (I tell you, I obsess over stuff) …and I suffered nightmares about being pursued by the FBI the whole week!!

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