Long Natural Hair Updo

Long Natural Hair Updo

Sooo…. I’m completely feeling myself right now, and it’s premature….but I still am.

I was on youtube looking for tutorials on how to french braid and corn braid, and failing at it.  I gave up and tried looking for tutorials on how to flat twist, thinking that would be an easy starting point for me.

Here are my lackluster results, don’t laugh! It’s my first try!!!

Second Try:

Third Try:

Then I went on LHCF and saw this video:

How sick is that!!!?? I’m in love.  That girl has SKILLS!!!
It’s her version of this style alicia keys wore:
How pretty!!
So I figured, hmmm…I don’t know how to fishtail braid but let me try this with my newfound lackluster twisting skills…and here’s how it turned out.  It’s messy and lopsided and wierd, but I AM LOVING IT!!!! And I’m totally going to try it again later after I wash my hair and make it look better.


A Looming Proposal…

Hmmmm Will he propose soon?

Here’s the shortened scoop on Me and my Unromantic Loverboy:

  • Been with him FOREVER.  I’m talking since I was 19.
  • Enjoyed Blissful Young Love and a crazy long “honeymoon phase”
  • Ups & Downs Ensued
  • Decided to Grow Up and get ourselves together
  • Moved in together Feb 2009
  • Decided to get married (yes we unromantic-ally DECIDED, yet no proposal)
  • We go shopping for Rings (So my dumb ass is thinking a proposal is coming)
  • Started Semi-Planning a small low key wedding together (still no proposal)
  • Serious Family Health Issues – Planning put on hold (still…no…proposal)
  • May 2010 He tells me he’s buying me a ring (Now I’m pissed he spilled it, but happy to know it)
  • June 2010 He sends me this picture in an email:
Me: Why did you send me a picture of a ring, John?
John: To make sure you like it.

Me on the inside: GRRRRRRR – How unromantic and practical can you get?!? GOSH!! …..but….. YAAAAY!!! It’s beautiful…you did good you big lug!! OMG OMG A PROPOSAL IS COMING!!

Me: I like it


So now I’m all hyped and giggety that I’ll be getting a ring soon.  And my daydreams (well the ones that are not about vacation) are all about how, when, and where he’ll propose.

I really hope it’s touching and “Aww-worthy”, but….I fear he doesn’t have the capability.

Now, I don’t need doves, and violins and rose petals and all that saccharine stuff, but I do want a sweet and heartfelt proposal.  But John’s sooo lacking in the romance department that I feel like he’s gunna be like: “Oh, look what came in the mail today!” and throw a ring box on my lap.


I truly hope he comes better than that.

So there’s the story.  Guess it wasn’t so short after all.  My bad.

I need you girls to send up prayers for a proposal sooner than later for me….or I’m gunna have to walk around the house humming “Single Ladies” till he gets the point!