Vacation Natural Hair Regimen

Vacation Natural Hair Regimen

So for the 10 days I was away, I 

  • baggied about 7 nights with a conditioner I bought down in Mex.
  • washed with shampoo daily, which was rough on my hair.
  • bunned a lot in the mornings, and did wash n gos after diving/beaching/snorkeling.
  • tried a braidout one night, but it was pointless down in that humidity.  Even my wash n gos turned into a mess.
  • learned the bun on the top of my head was the best choice style-wise for this trip.

Totally forgot to take hair pics, but here are some shots:

Lessons learned: 

  • Don’t attempt anything cute, the Mexican climate will wreck it.
  • Buns are ALWAYS my BFF
  • Shampooing daily, SUCKS
  • Baggying a Conditioner overnight is great.  Soft hair that doesn’t feel salt/chlorine/shampoo ravaged is the result
  •  Don’t bring tons of accessories.  All I used were 2 scarfs, the hat and the flower.

We’re going back to Mexico in August and I’m better prepared to handle my hair:

  • Bringing a comb and conditioner in a tube (not bottle) with me on dive days to immediately rinse/condition and either bun or wash n go my hair after the dives (the dive shop totally didn’t mind us showering there, had I known I would’ve brought my supplies!)
  • Buy a natural shampoo because shampooing daily is super harsh

Mind Right Monday

Happy Monday Girls.  What are your goals for the week? What are you grateful for today?

My Goals for the week:
  • actively job-hunt
  • actively pursue gigs
  • workout every day (yup!)
  • do not shop. period.
  • toss “stuff” from the apartment
  • get my ass to the grocery store
  • cook a big batch of something I can freeze portions of
  • beautify somehow myself and the apartment
  • read a damn book
  • create


I am Grateful for:
  • john being out of school for the summer
  • the universe at large
  • blogging and other bloggers (such an awesome bunch!)
  • 2010
  • my family, friends, and future
  • energy
  • john’s camera working since he broke mine
  • technology and the internet
  • health and the park to run in
  • time to think and meditate
  • restaurants that deliver

It’s YOUR turn!!
Feel free to grab the logo above and post your goals and gratefuls on your blog.  Don’t forget to link back here if you do.  Let’s stay accountable, productive and grateful!!