Want Friends? Gotta Get Ugly!

So, on a forum I frequent, there was a recent thread about pretty women and making friends.
I know it’s harder for women to make friends as adults (outside of work) after the college days are over, but some of the comments on the thread had me like:

It seemed the women felt like they were TOO BEAUTIFUL to make friends easily. (tho with such a modest personality, i’d wonder why they weren’t drowning in friendships).  And so they felt they had to downplay their looks in order to not threaten all the regular looking chicks and make a pal.


So, if you uglify yourself, and then make a friend, do you have to be ugly every day that you hang out with her?  Or, do you slowly prettify again once the regular looking chick/new friend realized your wonderful personality?

I thought the thread was interesting yet a bit odd.  I don’t really think about how I look any more or any less when I’m meeting with new chicas who could possibly be new friends.  I’m just the same and they’ll either like or not like me based on the everyday me, loud personality, big hair and all, not on some downplayed version.

So I’m reading this and thinking….obviously these women had social interactions in the past, that didn’t end favorably when they were looking their best.  Then had positive social interactions when they downplayed their (self perceived) beauty.  I wonder how their behavior and showing of their true personality changed with the change in their physical aspects.  I wonder if how they ACTED had anything to do with it.

Unfortunately it’s a private forum so I cannot post the link for you.  But it made me wonder if other folks felt this way.  The forum is mainly about haircare, so maybe the women there are generally more looks oriented than the average woman, but I’m guessing not.

Is it harder for you to make friends as an adult?  Do you downplay yourself physically when meeting new women?  I’d love to know your thoughts!