4 Year Old Hair

I found some old pics at my parent’s house of my mom doin’ my hair and just thought I’d share with my fellow hair addicts.

She said I was 4 in these pictures.

I love that she’s got her hair in a french twist while she’s doing mine.  That’s her old “work” hairstyle.
Damn, it looks like she’s really working hard! lol.

Do you have lots of pics from when you were a kid?

My Mommy, Just Because.

I love my mommy.

Every time I go to my parent’s house I look through the photo albums laying on the coffeetable. One is of me, one is of my brother, and one is of various family members from the 70s and 80s.

Yesterday I went over, and was in the ‘book graveyard’ that my dad calls the basement (since my mom refuses to toss any book, only give away to people she knows, lol) looking for some new reads, and I found a hidden photo album!

My mom never lets me shoot photos of her, which is a shame cuz she’s so damn pretty. She always puts her hand over her face OR makes a silly face. But I found the motherload of mommy pictures.

So, I did what any loving daughter would do…I stole some flicks and now I’m putting them on the internet LOL.

She has to be about 17 or 18 in these pics. Damn, I wish I found these before my Mothers Day post!

Well, I know where I get my love of big hair and big glasses from.

I heart you mommy.