Mind Right Monday

So this is something I do via email with my friends and had done in the past on one of the forums I frequent.  Every Monday we list our goals for the week and what we’re grateful for at the moment and call it Mind Right Monday.  For me, it helps keep me on track…at least for a little while.  It helps if I print out the goals and keep ’em with me or post em on my mirror.

Goals This Week:

  1. Look for a Job: like, look look, not just think about how nice a steady paycheck would be and daydream on how I would spend or save it
  2. Exercise at least 4 days: cardio and strength training here I come again
  3. Beautify: I’ll do at least one thing to beautify myself and beautify my home this week
  4. Book a Gig: *gulp* this one doesn’t really depend on me but I’m putting it in anyway to help push me into action
  5. Create: do at least one creative thing this week, no barriers
  6. Housekeeping: Do all the boring stuff, finances, cleaning, grocery shopping


  • warm weather
  • mommy and daddy’s house (where i am now)
  • the internet
  • sales
  • options

What are your goals for the week? What are you grateful for?
Feel free to grab the Mind Right logo for your posts if you wish, and link back here if ya do.

Get ya Mind Right ladies!!