Mixed Chicks Wash & Go: Day 4!!

Still Soft.
Still Defined.
Still Fluffy.
Still Wearable.
Still Happy with it.

Last night I did nothing with it, product-wise.  I did the loose pony under a scarf again.  When I pulled back the front for this half-up look, I put a lil water on my hands and coconut oil and mixed (well not really cuz oil n water don’t mix, but uknowhatimean) them together and gently smoothed the frizzy front back with my hands.  That’s it!! I’s held in place with a small grabber.

This is the last day of the wash & go, because I’m DCing today and leaving for vacation tomorrow, but if I wasn’t, I’d ride this wash & go out and see how long it lasts and stays soft.

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Happily married mom of two.

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Happily married mom of two.

  • SoulfulSista

    I can't believe that's day 4. It looks like you just did it.

  • CurlyCoilyMe

    I like the style, and the curls are beautifull.