Everything But The Kitchen Sink!!

Yeah, I had to move my blog.  I wanted to consolidate.  Instead of keeping separate spaces for my acting/modeling, fitness, writing, photography etc… I’m just going to keep this handy blog for all of it.  (I’m still maintaining my natural hair care blog though)

I’ve consolidated the older posts from my other blogs, so some of the references may be wonky….

This blog is going to be a hodgepodge of any and everything I feel like plopping in here.  I read these articles about blogging that say blogs need to have a central focus or theme in order to be successful, but I say, F it.  I just want to blog at random!  So I will, dammit.

Why the title?  Well, “OK, Dan” is my family’s way of telling me to shutup…yet I still blather on.  Every conversation I have with my little brother ends this way, and I find it kinda funny. A normal person would get the hint and/or maybe take offense.  I embrace my abnormality. :)

Hope you dig the blog and visit often, leave a comment with your link so I can visit you back!

xo, Dani

PS: bear with me as it may take some time to get this blog looking cute. :)

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Happily married mom of two.

About Dani

Happily married mom of two.

  • Yolanda Allen

    loving the new idea of having everything in one place…I've been wanting to do the same thing….so I may copy you!! ha!!

  • Dani

    Copy away….and FOLLOW ME HEFFA! Let me know when you consolidate and I'll add your blog to my 'blogs i dig' list :)

  • Yolanda Allen

    I'm following chica!! I am using the same blog http://yolandaallen.blogspot.com/ just changed the name to Yogi's Playground!!