Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Here’s a big fat thank you to all the mamas out there!!! You’re appreciated every day, even though you’re only appreciated nationally once a year.

I’m so grateful for my mom.  She is a constant source of inspiration, quality advice, tough love, strength and joy.  This woman raised a kickass daughter (read: me) despite my unruly ways as a teen, maintained a solid career as a high-level executive, is now raising a crazy genius teenage boy, maintained a loving relationship with my crazy pappy, and did it all while looking oh so fly.  Seriously, she’s a hot stepper, and she knows it LOL.

But I am also grateful for my other moms.  I was raised by my mom&dad, but also by my grandma and my aunts&uncles with whom I lived for a while.

I have 5 moms.  My birth mother, her mother, and her three sisters.  Aren’t I a lucky one.  I’ve taken the best (ok, and worst) bits of each of them and combined it to form the woman I am today, and the woman I continue to evolve into.

It’s a blessing to have been shaped by 5 strong, intelligent, independant, funny, creative, warm, open-minded women and I am honored to be able to pass down what I received from them to my own children someday.  (hopefully only the good bits)

I’m totally crying right now as I type this.  I just have so much love and gratitude it’s overwhelming.