Bitten By the Baby Bug

I want a baby.


I’ve wanted one for the past few years.

My good friend recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I’m extra baby craving now.

John keeps telling me we’re not ready…PSHAW!!!

So what if we’re not married (or even officially engaged) yet, so what if we don’t have enough savings, so what if we are still pursuing our education and so what if we are renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city…

My clock is a tickin’  I’m turning 29 in September and only have a few more years of prime quality eggs!! LOL

Besides, there will never be a perfect time to start a family.  If he had it his way we’d wait till he finishes med school, and that’s what…10 years away!!  Grrrr. No Gracias!

So now I’m just torturing myself reading baby blogs and looking at pictures of happy families and daydreaming of the day I get to start my own.  I keep picturing John as a dad (he’d be a great one, he’s incredible with his niece and nephews), thinking about being pregnant and how we’d handle it, thinking about having just one or two or a big family, daydreaming about the first step, first word, first day at school, potty training, breast feeding, reading to him/her, teaching him/her everything we can….all of it…

Hmmm….maybe I’ll find a picture of a positive pregnancy test online and stick it up on my visualization board.  I’m only serious.


The baby bug has bitten me….I don’t mind it….yet….

I just want a baby!  OOOPS!! What I meant was… I DESERVE to raise a happy family!

Caprice Mexican Shampoo Review

Caprice Mexican Shampoo Review

I realize I keep mentioning this “Mexican shampoo” but never tell you exactly what it is.

Well, here ya go.  No more laziness.

It’s Caprice, by Palmolive.  The type is Rizos Definidos (Defined Curls).

I bought this in May 2009 in Mexico, and it’s a huge bottle that’s lasted me a long while.  (granted I also used some vo5 clarifying shampoo throughout the year too)

I actually really like this shampoo.  It has slip!  I was shocked.  I threw away the bottle, but I’m sure it’s filled with horrible sulfates and drying agents, but something in this gives slip and I love it.  I’ll check online to see if I can find the ingredients somewhere.

Also, this leaves my hair squeaky clean (sometimes I like that most times I don’t) and you don’t need much of it to get a thoroughly cleaned scalp.  When I first used it, I used the same amount I’d use of other shampoos and it took forever to wash out. So, just a lil dab’ll do ya.

When I go back to Mexico in a few weeks I think I’ll be buying another bottle.

Long Natural Hair Twists

So I did some Long Natural Hair Twistsand discovered some bald patches that really disturb me.

I went to take pictures of my edges since I’m going to start a mission to thicken them up, they’re thinning quite a bit, and now I find these awful patches, and I’m scrrrrrrd!!  But at least I find em now versus later…right?

OK So I washed with the last of my mexican shampoo, and conditioned with some godawful white rain that I’m trying to use up.  I moisturized with cantu and twisted while my hair was very damp.

I used rollers in the front bit since the ends there are straight :(.
Just a wee bit slept on n scarf mashed, but still OK by my standards lol
Low Bun
Half Up
High Bun (these are the pix I discovered my bald patches in)
But at least the bun is cute
OK Now here are the shots of my edges I was originally going to show you.

I’m really disturbed by these bald patches.  At first I thought, oh maybe it’s just a wierd way I finger parted my hair when making the twists….but there’s no denying it, those are straight up PATCHES, not parts.  Ugggghhhh…

I’m waging war on the edges and the patches on my own, and if worse comes to worse (ie BALDER) I’m going to a dermo and a trichtologist….I totally spelled that wrong, didn’t I?