Quickie Updo

Today I did a quickie updo from yesterday’s wash n go.  I showered with my hair mostly covered, and the front was a bit damp.  I just added some cantu conditioning cream and pulled the hair back into three little claws.  The ends I rolled up and pinned in place at the nape.

Here are the results:

I loved it!  My ends were protected.  There was no tension on my hairline, no fighting with my curls and it looked neatish.  It reminded me of a dinosaur. But a cute dinosaur :)

December 2009 = March 2010 ???

I think with my setback snip I may be exactly the same length or perhaps almost 1 inch longer than I was back in December! 

Here’s what I’m basing that comparison on.  Granted, the one from March 2010 isn’t fully stretched, but it is pulled down very taught.  I’m judging by where the hair lands in comparison to the smallest part of my waist cuz the photos are taken from different distances away…

Granted, I wish I had magical growth that gives me an inch or more a month (dont we all) but I’m still happy with things cuz my ends are in great shape and my hair is coming along healthily despite my setbacks.

Wash N Go – Unstretched Length / Damage Update

So yesterday I did a wash n go, my usual technique, as shown in THIS VIDEO.

Here are the results:

In these you can clearly see the heat damaged parts standing out as wavy versus curly/frizzy like the rest of my true hair texture.

It’s all good though.  I’m going to self trim the front into “long bangs” just to remove some of the straighter bits. 

So my hope lengthwise for this year, was unstretched APL (armpit-length) and stretched WL (waist-length)

I took a peek at my unstretched length in this pic and it’s exactly the same as it was in November.  SL (shoulder length) still!

I’ll deal with the shrinkage as long as it keeps on growing and I keep on retaining….

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