5 Tips for Capturing Memories on Family Road Trips



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We’ve done just a bit of traveling over the last year and we’re gearing up for our big road trip of the summer. Here are five tips that I’ve used to capture our memories on family road trips.

Give everyone the power to capture memories. We have several cameras but I recently bought a waterproof, shockproof camera that I’m excited to let my boys use. During our trips, I’ve looked at my camera and saw unique pictures from the perspective of a 2 year old. Not all are great but they give me an insight in what he’s seeing both physically and figuratively. Also, provide kids with a pen and paper without prompting them on what to do. You’ll get pictures, a note to a friend, a list…They’ll be able to capture what they think is important.

My 2 year old took this way out of focus picture but he's capturing a new friend.

My 2 year old took this way out of focus picture but he’s capturing a new friend.

summer road trip memories

My son created this “Going To Do List” on one trip. I loved seeing what his priorities were. 🙂

Drop a note in the mail. One thing that I’ve done since my son has been reading is send a postcard from the places we’ve visited. I write a quick note about a memory from our trip (“We had a great time picking up shells with you.”) and drop in it in the mail the day we leave. It covers a few things. 1) It extends our family memory, 2) gives our family some “fun mail” to look forward to and 3) helped my son practice his reading when he was just getting started. When we get home, it’s easy to put it up in his room as a keepsake.

postcard 1
Collect one key item from your travels. As opposed to little trinkets, our family memory is a Christmas ornament from every place we visit. At the end of the year, we add it to our tree as well as reflect on the memories that we created in that space. Our son’s love hearing the story of each ornament. Over the years, our trees have grown fuller with our memories.

Take pictures, tons of pictures! One of the greatest things about digital cameras and smartphones is that you can take pictures without wasting film. Momfluential has this amazing list of 125 Photos to Take on Your Next Trip. You can divide the list between your family or make it a group effort to complete but take the pictures in the moment and worry about the edits later.

And finally, Get the WHOLE family in the picture! If you’re like me, our family pictures from growing up have multiple copies, one with one adult and the next adult. Make sure that everyone gets in at least one picture every destination. Who knows the next time you’ll be there? And I know everyone’s not a fan but pick-up a selfie-stick for those out of the way pictures like in the middle of a campsite or a waterfall.

selfie stick 2

I was on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The selfie-stick came in handy.

Oftentimes, we ask a stranger to take a picture but they might just take a picture without making sure everyone’s looking the same way or the camera is focused but with a selfie stick, you can get everyone in the picture and make sure it’s just right.

Thanks to the person who took this picture but it's out of focus.

Thanks to the person who took this picture but it’s out of focus.

What are your memory making tips?

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